Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Treasury Management Solutions

Heritage Bank & Trust offers comprehensive products and services to help your business grow. We understand every business has a unique set of needs, so our Treasury Management Team partners with you to create individualized solutions specific to your business to better manage your cash flow.


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Fraud Prevention Services

Defend Your Growing Business

Life is easier when you have someone working with you to help reduce potential hazards. You work hard to keep your business growing. Let us work hard to help keep it safe.

Protect your business by enrolling in our fraud protection services.  


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Fraud Protection Services

Check Positive Pay

Allows for the review of paper checks to prevent check counterfeits and alterations, reducing fraud liability while giving you research capabilities and faster reconciliation. Pay/return decisions can be made through Business Online Banking.

ACH Positive Pay

Allows users to manage and review incoming ACH debits prior to their posting, giving users tools they need to reject unauthorized debits before they become a problem. Create block lists to automatically return any unwanted ACH debits and protect your account from fraud.

Watch video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on Positive Pay


Account Management Solutions

Keep your business moving forward

We offer reliable and secure payment solutions to make your accounts payable processes more efficient and manageable.

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Accounts Payable


With EMV Smart Chip technology, earn more from your credit card with added security and mobile purchasing capability for more convenience.

BUsiness Debit Cards

Our EMV Mastercard Debit cards allow you easy access to your funds worldwide while protecting you from fraud.


With ACH Origination, you can send single or multiple payments with low cost and no hassle. Provide direct deposit of payroll and send payments to outside businesses to pay your bills on the date you choose - all without any paper checks. ACH transactions are handled through our Online Banking platform, giving you access to your information anytime you need it.


Originate payments through wire transfers to increase efficiency for your business. You can originate domestic wire transfers via our Online Banking platform.


Easy to pay one-time or recurring business bills online, allows for tracking of spending and invoices in real-time

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ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Allow your customers to pay you via ACH expediting your Accounts Receivable cycle. Also, by utilizing ACH for collections, you can eliminate the need to process checks in-office. You can access your ACH credit transactions via our Online Banking platform.


Save time, money and gas with fewer trips to the bank to deposit checks. Minimize fraud and deposit checks faster.


Increase your sales revenue by giving your customers more options with their payments. Accept all major credit and debit cards, mobile wallet payments and more.


Sweep Services

Put idle money to work for your business

With our automated sweep transfers, help your business maintain account balances, avoid overdrafts and ensure your accounts are appropriately funded.

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SWEEP and zero balance Services


Keep excess deposit dollars working for you by setting up an automatic link between you Heritage Business Checking account and an approved HB&T loan and/or Line of Credit.


Maintain full-functioning business checking accounts for each of your locations while linking to a primary centralized account to allow for easy record keeping.


Automatically earn maximum interest by linking your HB&T Business Checking account and an investment option.


Meet the Team 

Our Treasury Management Team works directly with each business individually to ensure all your business banking needs are met.

 Bedford Smith

Bedford Smith

Deposit Relationship Officer

Mount Pleasant Branch
(931) 774-0187

 Jacob Haney

Jacob Haney

Treasury Management Specialist

Columbia Branch
(931) 375-0229

Alissa Nolan

Alissa Nolan

Operations Officer

Columbia Branch
(931) 375-0217

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