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Lending Information

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When you apply for credit of any kind and a credit check occurs, credit bureaus legally have the right to share your information for related services. You are able to OPT OUT of credit offers from creditors and insurance companies who get your name from the credit bureaus.

> These solicitations are NOT coming from us at Heritage B&T and are NOT caused by Heritage B&T.  

Opting Out of Getting Prescreened Offers

- Visit www.optoutprescreen.com and fill out the online form with your basic information (name, address, SSN, DOB) and it will opt you out of receiving credit offers for 5 YEARS.
- You also have the option of printing out the form and mailing it in to remove your name permanently.
- The whole process is very fast and easy and only takes about 2 minutes.
- The website is legitimate per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Opt Out getting offers

--> After completing the above steps, you should receive a confirmation that your request has been received (see below for an example of what the confirmation email looks like). Save this email and/or print it for your files. 


5-years Opt Out 

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