5 Documents to Produce to Keep Your Loan Officer Happy

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5 Documents Needed for an HBT Loan

By Chief Operations Officer Brent Wheeley

Heritage Bank & Trust staff members realize that the loan process can be tedious. We hope this article will help you as you start to collect the necessary documents for us to help make your dreams come to a reality! 

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1.Updated Personal Financial Statement

  • A listing of all your assets and liabilities (Be very specific and remember to update every six months). This will allow you to determine your net worth at any given point in time. It also tells your banker your complete financial picture.

2. Timely tax returns

  • Personal returns
  • Any business returns (LLC, CORP, etc.) 
  • All pages
  • Usually easier to have your CPA or bookkeeper email annually
  • Send a copy of your extension if extending your filing

3. Important ancillary information

4. Detailed loan and deposit listing (this is a more detailed list than would necessarily show on the Personal Financial Statement)

  • Where held Percent Ownership Balances • Payments • Maturities• Rates

 5. Business operating agreements

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Operating agreements
  • Annual report filing with Secretary of State

These need to be updated and accurate.

*As of 2020





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