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Schedule Of Fees

Effective 5/9/16

Account Balancing Assistance
$20.00/hour; $10.00 minimum

Account Closed within 90 days

Account Research

ATM Fees
All foreign ATM fees will be refunded

Bond Coupon Collection

Cashier’s Checks
Customers $3.00

Charged Off Accounts - $35.00 per account

Check Printing
Fee depends on style and quantity of
Check order

Collection Items/Outgoing and Ingoing
$15.00 per item
Clean Collection Item = $75.00

Current Statement Printout
$2.00 for first page
$0.50 for each additional page

Debit Card
No fee for original card
$5.95 for replacement card

Deficit Funds Transfer (Sweep)
$9.95 per transfer (sweep)

Dormant Checking
$9.95 per month if no activity
Checking Accounts, 6 months
Money Markets & Savings, 1 year

IRA Transfer Fee - $29.95

Phone Transfers - $2.00 each

$0.25 per page

Returned Deposited Items
Charged back - $5.95
Recleared - $3.95
Special Handling - $2.00

 Fax Transmissions
$5.00 for first page
$1.00 per additional page

Foreign Currency Exchange
1% of the USD equiv. $10 minimum
$20.00 Overnight Delivery

Foreign Deposited Item (non domestic)
$25 per item

Garnishment, Executions, Levies
$75.00 each

Locater Fee
1% or $100 minimum

Locking Night Drop Bags
First Bag – No charge; Additional bag - $25.00
Key Deposit (per key) - $25.00

Money Orders
Customers $2.00

Notary Public
No charge

Overdraft Fees
The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following check, in-person withdrawal, ATM or Debit card withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Non-sufficient funds – NSF RETURN ITEM FEE - $32.95
Non-sufficient funds – NSF PAID ITEM FEE - $32.95
Continuous Negative Balance Fee after 2 days - $5.95 per business day (Fee also applies when any item causes your account to be negative, including the imposition of fees.)
Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection - $30.00 annually

Wire Transfer
Domestic, Incoming Wires:
Customer, $9.95
Domestic, Outgoing Wires:
Customer, $20.00
International, Incoming Wires:
Customers, $60.00
International, Outgoing Wires:
Customer, $60.00
Returned Wire Fee: $45

Safe Deposit Box
Fee varies by box size
Key Deposit (per key) - $10.00
Replacement Key - $10.00
($25.00 late fee when pmt. Past due 16 days)
Drilling - $75.00

Stop Payments
$35.00 each



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