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Mortgage Loans 
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Home Loans

Buying a home may be the single most important investment that a consumer shall make. Heritage Bank and Trust will offer a variety of home loans either in-house or secondary market which they may choose from:

In-house first mortgage loans

Purchase or refinance up to a seven-year balloon (maturity) note with up to a thirty-year amortization. The interest rate can be fixed until the maturity of the note. You would choose this type of product if you anticipate trading-up or moving within a few years. Also, you will have the option of refinancing upon maturity.

In-house Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

Typically first mortgages, give the consumer the opportunity to secure a lower interest and smaller payments. However, the interest rate may change and rates are usually based on the current one-, three-, or five-year Treasury bill index. A change in rate will affect the monthly payments but Heritage Bank and Trust will offer the protection of periodic and lifetime interest rate caps.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans for the consumer’s primary residence will be available through Heritage Bank and Trust. With the builder in mind, the Bank will offer the traditional construction loan package. Also, a construction/permanent loan package will be available which will only have only one application to complete and one closing to attend.

Secondary Market Mortgages

Heritage Bank and Trust will offer all the traditional secondary market home loan products such as conventional, FHA or VA mortgages. This includes fixed rate, ARM, and interest-only mortgages. For more information contact our Mortgage Loan Officer at (931)388-1970. Use the link above to download an application to fax to the bank or bring it in to one of our office.


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